Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spring into Summer Theater Season

With summer around the bend, the vibrant spring theater season is coming to a close.
But you can still catch a few shows before the summer shows kick in (some have already begun:) ).
(One of the best listing resources continues to be the Boston Phoenix's Play by Play)
A few suggestions ...
The Great American Trailer Park Musical... closing this weekend
If you've yet to see The Great American Trailer Park Musical, you've got a few more chances this weekend. Now more than ever I personally needed a good long laugh and this cast and show provided many! Don't miss the trio of Kerry Dowling, Mary Callanan, and pint-sized newcomer Santina Umbach, the Trash-talking trio. Welcome David Benoit back to town, see Grant McDermot huffing his way to the park in pursuit of Caitlin Crosbie Doonan as a stripper with a heart of ... well, a heart, anyway, (and plenty of soul) and marvel at both the pathos and humor in Leigh Barrett's agoraphobic! Kudos to Paul Daigneault & company. The voices are fabulous, kitschy sets and costumes capture the mood, and the whole show is a hoot!

The Lady With All the Answers... closes June 26
Stephanie Clayman brings the familiar (to those of a certain age ...) midwest twang and earthy pragmatism of Eppie "Ann Landers" Lederer to life in her portrayal of The Lady With All the Answers, playing at the Central Sq. Theater. Though the script is a fairly standard "one-person bio/recreation", occuring on a "special night" (Ann/Eppie is toiling over writing "the most difficult column I have ever tried to put together. . ." ), with a reason for an intermission (Ann retires offstage to take a relaxing bath where she often did her letter-writing), it's Stephanie Clayman's fine performance, aided by Daniel Gidron's staging that makes great use of the lovely Central Square Theater space, that makes the evening so warm, funny and touching .

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