Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Apollinaire In The Park 2012 and the Kickstarter Campaign

This summer marks the return, after a year's hiatus, of Apollinaire Theatre Company's annual Apollinaire In The Park performances, a bilingual summer event outdoors in Chelsea at Mary O'Malley Park.  Rather than rewrite what's already been written, here's a reprint from their Kickstarter campaign page. Please support the efforts to provide free summer theater in Chelsea.  While my personal association with Apollinaire only began this past winter with UNCLE VANYA, the company under the leadership of Danielle Fauteax Jacques has been toiling away for many years, and this past season, Danielle received the Kenneth MacDonald Award for Excellence from the Independent Reviewers of New England, as well as the Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Director/Fringe for the Apollinaire indoor production of UNCLE VANYA (which was nominated for an additional two Norton's, Outstanding Fringe Production and Outstanding Actor/Fringe for Ron Lacey as Astrov).

Check out the articles below, visit their Kickstarter page and donate what you can to help the Apollinaire In The Park series continue with this summer's offering, ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD.

One Play, Two Languages

Who else in Boston – or in the United States – mounts an outdoor show every summer, for free, that’s performed in English one night, then Spanish the next? Since 2003, Apollinaire’s outdoor moving stage has brought modern classics ranging from Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba to Chekhov’s The Seagull to Ionesco’s Rhinoceros to Chelsea’s Mary O’Malley Park.

Bring Theatre Back Under the Bridge

Apollinaire's 2010 production of Cyrano, staged in 5 locations in the park, brought together Chelsea’s English and Spanish speaking residents along with attracting audiences to Chelsea from throughout the state and beyond.  Unfortunately, funding from our traditional sponsorship base ran short and a hiatus occurred in 2011. Now a new campaign has been launched to produceTom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead for 14 free performances from July 11-28, 2012.

From the Oscar winner who gave us Shakespeare in Love, this wickedly funny companion piece to Hamlet turns Shakespeare inside out and shows us what's going on offstage from the point of view of Hamlet’s school chums.
Tom Stoppard serves up a feast of wordplay, wit, and slapstick while exploring the timeless questions of identity, illusion, and being on a boat.
An instant modern classic, R&G Are Dead won the 1968 Tony Award for Best Play, has appeared on stages all over the world.

Why Kickstarter?

The true cost to bring free summer theater to the community is over $30,000.  Kickstarter allows Apollinaire the opportunity to ensure the production doesn't run in the red and keeps free summer theater alive. Your valuable and generous donation will help us reach our goal.  If we don't reach the kickstarter goal of $5,850, your donation will not be processed and Apollinaire in the Park receives no funding at all.
Please help us get there and bring bi-lingual theater back under the bridge.

Your donation helps us cover production costs which include:
  • Actor Stipends for our cast of 16                                                      
  • Designer Stipends for Costumes & Sets                                          
  • Stage Manager Stipends for our team of 6 running the show in 3 locations                                                                               
  • Sets, Costumes & Props                                                                      
  • Park Permits, Insurance & Rehearsal costs                                      
  • Postcards, posters and marketing
Thank you for supporting Apollinaire in the Park!

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