Thursday, June 21, 2012

Extra! Extra! or " I Oughta Be In Pictures"

Summer is the season for filmmaking in Boston.  Well, it's the busiest season for Hollywood features shooting in the Bay State.   Ever since the state enacted it's policy of tax incentives for the motion picture industry, it's not unusual for a movie to shoot entirely on location throughout the state.
In the pre-tax incentive years, a major featured tended to shoot here for a few weeks to a month or so, capturing it's exterior shots, the locations that absolutely HAD to be shot on location: The Swan Boats ... Faneuil Hall Marketplace ... Harvard and MIT ... historical sites and iconic images of New England, rowing along the Charles, fall foliage in full bloom, etc.  But with the incentive of saving money by shooting here, producers have been following the savings.
THis weekend on Saturday there's an open casting call for a movie starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, the as yet "Untitled Female Buddy Cop Comedy" (see info regarding the casting call below).
Here's a listing and some advice on what's shooting this summer and how best to get yourself "in the movies".

A sequel to the hugely successful Adam Sandler movie GROWN UPS, again starring Adam Sandler, with Kevin James, Chris Rock, Maya Rudolph, David Spade and others from the original, as well as additonal names such as Andy Samberg and Taylor Lautner.  Shooting on the North Shore in the Marblehead/Swampscott area, Grown Ups 2 had it's open casting call last month and has been shooting for the past month, continuing through August.  Extras Casting is by Kristan Berona of Sande Alessi Casting/LA, one of Hollywood's busiest casting companies for feature films and television.  To be considered, you can connect with them on the Sande Alessi Casting/Boston Facebook page, but fair warning: Do NOT respond, comment, request work, etc., on Facebook: it's a means of receiving info regarding last minute or upcoming needs for the movie, and instructions on how to submit for those jobs will be clearly detailed in the notices.  They specifically request that potential background performers do NOT comment on their postings, as they don't have the time to go through Facebook notes while busily doing the day-to-day casting.  If you did not go to their open casting call, they ask the following:
If you did not make it to our open call, READ THE FOLLOWING VERY CAREFULLY. We will not be responding to posts about this. 
Click the link below and it will automatically download our registration card. Print it out, fill it out completely and write neatly please. If cards are not filled out completely, we will not be able to cast you. Once your card is filled out, please staple a current, color photo of yourself to it. Mail it (do not email, do not stop by, etc) to: Extras Casting, 45 Congress Street, Suite 4120, Salem, MA 01970

This is an adaptation of the novel, LABOR DAY, by Joyce Maynard.  The film stars Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, and is being directed by Jason Reitman.  Set in New Hampshire, the movie has been shooting around Massachusetts, initially in Western MA, in the Amherst area, though they've recently moved into the Natick area and surrounding communities.   The casting company for this movie's extras is Boston Casting,  located in Allston.   But hold on: before you jump on the green line, the best way to get listed is right here online.  Go to, and click on the Talent Application link on the upper lefthand side of the home page.  As this movie includes scenes that take place in the 60's and the 80's, they are very interested in knowing if you have period-correct automobiles for possible use in the movie.
Enter your information and current photo(s) that REALLY look like you (not enhanced or touched up studio shots) and make sure you also add yourself to the Boston Casting mailing list on their home page.  Occasionally, last minute rush call castings will go out by email, and as always, the "early bird gets the worm".

This is the feature in prep for shooting  in July and August.  Starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, it's the film that is having it's open casting call for both union (members of the newly merged SAG-AFTRA actors union) and nonunion extras this weekend.  The Extras Casting company for this movie is Billy Dowd Casting.  Billy Dowd has had a long successful casting career, working on major features over the past three decades.  He's been associated in the past with CP Casting, but he's his own independent casting director, with credits on movies and tv projects associated with some of the biggest directors and names in the industry.
Here's the casting notice and the basic information:

Billy Dowd Casting
is holding a

for an 
"Untitled Buddy Cop Comedy" 
starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy
The film is shooting in Boston this Summer

Saturday, June 23rd

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM 

The Boston Teachers Union Hall 
Carson Place 
180 Mount Vernon Street 
Dorchester, MA 02125 
CHECK YOUR GPS -- There is more than one Mount Vernon Strreet in Boston 
The BTU is located in the rear of the Bayside Expo, off of Day Boulevard.

Looking for the following types:  [ALL ADULTS 18+]

- Ex-Convicts/ Inmates 
- Ladies of The Night (Hookers) 
- Cops/FBI/Detectives 
- Prison Guards 
- Drug Dealers/ Junkies 
- Energetic & Attractive Party People/ Night Club Goers ( Ages 21 - 40 yrs old) 

Please bring a recent snap shot/photo (and a pen!) with you to the open call.
If you have a HEADSHOT & RESUME bring (at least!) TWO.
PLEASE NO phone calls to Billy Dowd Casting or the Boston Teacher's Hall.
Thank You!


Written by the Academy Award winning team of Nat Faxon and Jim Rash (The Descendants), this also marks their directorial debut.  Starring Steve Carrell and Toni Collette, who worked so well together in Little Miss Sunshine, it's a coming-of-age story based loosely on Jim Rash's own life with his Stepfather.
The Extras Casting is also being done by Billy Dowd Casting, (see above), and attendees to his casting call for the Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy movie will also be considered for this film.
This movie, however, needs families and children.  If you missed the open call a few weeks ago, and you can't attend this Saturday (which is the best way of being included in Billy's files for work on either movie) you can send a current picture and all of your contact information to:

As always, no phone calls!

Break a leg, and have a great shooting summer!